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  • 2021/ In/Out: Un mapa posible. With the subtitle of Two generations of contemporary art creation in Gran Canaria, this exhibition shows a selection of works by 42 artists born in the island.
    Curated by Gemma Medina and Diana Padrón, this show will run from December 17th, 2020 to March 7th, 2021 at CAAM (Atlantic Center of Modern Art) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain.
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  • 2020/ Art in Context – International Artist Invitation Exhibition, China. Two sculptures by Rómulo Celdrán have been selected for this show currently on display at ArtLaozi Contemporary Art Center in the city of Pingyao (Shanxi province), China.
    Due to the international Covid crisis the show is taking place exclusively on the ArtLaozi online platform and it will run from June 18th to August 19th.
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  • 2018/ Rómulo Celdrán at Filser & Gräf, Munich. Some of his works from Macro, Zoom and Hi-Res series will be on display at the group exhibition Point of View. The show will also include works by Frank Bauer, Teresa Riba and Kai-Uwe Schulte-Bunert, and will run from May 4th to June 15th.
    The Engine Room

    The Engine Room
  • 2018/ Virtual reality visit to the Hypovereinsbank Art Collection. Following this link you can make a 3D visit to the current show at the Hypoveinsbank Private Banking office in Munich. You will find some Rómulo Celdrán´s works part of this great art collection, together with the ones by some amazing artists like Gerhard Richter, Tony Cragg, Jean Tinguely, Kurt Schwitters or Stephan Balkenhol, amongst others.
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  • 2017/ Rómulo Celdrán at Wilding Cran Gallery/ L.A. His work MACRO XII has been selected by curator Beth Rudin deWoody, to be part of the group exhibition Really?. The show will feature works in various media by both well-known and emerging artists who work in the field of contemporary realism, including works by Robert Longo, Toni Matelly or Kehinde Wiley, amongst others. Really?, will run from November 5th to December 23rd.
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  • 2017/ Rómulo Celdrán in the Art Around the Child exhibition and auction/ London. Rómulo Celdrán has made and donated a special work for this very special event. Curated by Lee Sharrock, this show for the benefit of Arms Around the Child foundation will raise funds to look after children living in extreme adversity in India and Africa.
    Besides the work by Rómulo Celdrán, titled Heartland, the exhibition will include works by Gavin Turk, Michael Thompson, Mike Ruiz or 3D (Massive Attack), amongst others. Art Around the Child will be running from November 9th to November 16th, when the fund raising auction will take place.
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  • 2017/ Rómulo Celdrán´s HI-RES series at The Engine Room. This especial website devoted to art and creativity dedicates an article to his new sculptures.
    The Engine Room
  • 2017/ Rómulo Celdrán at VICE Creators. VICE´s arts and cultural site dedicates an article to his new HI-RES series recently on display at SCOPE BASEL 2017.
    VICE Creators
  • 2017/ HI-RES series at Design Collector , Create Magazine , Inspiration Grid and FronteraD. These online magazines devoted to visual arts and design dedicate three articles to widely show some of the sculptures and paintings from this new series of works.
    Design Collector

    Design Collector

    Design Collector

  • 2017/ Rómulo Celdrán at SCOPE BASEL 2017. Featuring his new series HI-RES, paintings and sculptures to be seen in a solo show at the stand of the Zürich based gallery, Arthobler. SCOPE art fair is celebrating its 11th Anniversary in Basel and returns its location to SCOPE / HAUS, just three blocks from Messeplatz, a brief walk from the main art fair.
    SCOPE BASEL 2017
  • 2017/ Rómulo Celdrán´s HI-RES series at Creative Boom. On the occasion of his presence at SCOPE BASEL 2017, this British online magazine devoted to art, design, illustration and photography, dedicates a broad article to Rómulo Celdrán´s newest series of paintings and sculptures.
  • 2017/ Rómulo Celdrán´s HI-RES series at NEO2 Blog. This independent publication focused on creative trends like fashion, design, art, music and architecture, dedicates a broad article to his newest series of works and current presence at SCOPE BASEL art fair.
  • 2016/ Rómulo Celdrán in the exhibition SELECTION. Some of his paintings will be part of this group show at the Zürich based gallery, Arthobler. The exhibition also includes a selection of works by Regina Silveira, Stefan Auf der Maur, Christoffer Joergensen and Robert Schad. Running from December 3rd to January 28th.
    Arthobler Selection
  • 2016/ Rómulo Celdrán at PAN AMSTERDAM 2016. His sculpture MACRO X, will be on display at the stand of the Amsterdam based gallery, Rutger Brandt. Located in Amsterdam RAI, just 8 minutes from Amsterdam´s city centre, PAN Amsterdam is visited every year by more than 45.000 people. This year it will run from November 20th to 27th.
  • 2016/ Rómulo Celdrán at KUNST ZÜRICH 2016. His paintings from the Zoom series, will be part of the stand of the Zürich based gallery, Arthobler. KUNST ZÜRICH will be located in ABB Hall 550, a former factory buildings behind the train station Zürich-Oerlikon and will run from October 27th to 30th.
    SCOPE 2016
  • 2016/ Rómulo Celdrán at SCOPE BASEL 2016. His paintings and sculptures will be part of the stand of the Zurich based gallery, Arthobler. SCOPE celebrates this year its 10th Anniversary in Basel and it will run from June 14th to 16th.
    SCOPE 2016
  • 2016/ MACRO II. Artphilein Collection on Display at Choisi- One at a time. From the 1st until the 30th of June, Artphilein Foundation presents the sculpture Macro II. The work is shown at Choisi. One at a time, the space where Artphilein displays its important art collection. Each exhibition is dedicated to show a single work of art at a time.
  • 2016/ The work of Rómulo Celdrán in the Argentine magazine Estilo Propio. AUGMENTED REALITY is the title of this article featuring the works from his Macro series, included in the issue #31 of this publication.
  • 2016/ Creative Boom shows the work of Rómulo Celdrán. This online magazine devoted to art, design, illustration and photography, has published a wide article featuring some of his Macro sculptures.
  • 2015/ Migrate Magazine selects the work of Rómulo Celdrán for its #21st issue. From South Africa, the oficial magazine of The Loerie Awards is issued once a year as a “source of inspiration to all creative minds”. This new issue is dedicated to the concept of “NO”.
  • 2015/ Rómulo Celdrán in Fresh Paint Magazine. Issue #10 of this art magazine published in USA and UK features his work as part of the artists selection curated by Danielle Krysa (The Jealous Curator).
  • 2015/ Samsung Germany features Rómulo Celdrán testimonial for the new Galaxy S6 edge+ campaign. Artists from different disciplines talk about the benefits of using a big electronic device like the S6 edge+ as an interesting tool for their work.
  • 2015/ Creative Mapping Magazine interviews Rómulo Celdrán. This inspiring magazine publishes an interesting interview and article featuring Rómulo Celdrán´s artwork.
  • 2015/ Rómulo Celdrán´s solo show at Turin based gallery Gagliardi e Domke. The exhibition ran from September 24th to October 25th and showed a comprehensive selection of his paintings.









  • 2015/ Rómulo Celdrán´s work in DAS MAGAZIN. This historical cultural Berlin based magazine running since 1924, featured the Macro sculpture series in a six page article in its September issue.
  • 2015/ Rómulo Celdrán´s work was featured extensively in TONGUE Magazine. In a four page article (14 to 18) the issue number 38 of this Mexican publication specialized in arts and culture, included an important selection of works from his Macro series together with a text from the editor and an exclusive interview. Available in paper and web format.
  • 2015/ Rómulo Celdrán´s work at London based gallery IMT. One of his Smoke paintings took part in the show and auction I´MTen, opened on September 4th. This project featured original A4 artworks by artists including Yinka Shonibare, Adam Chodzko y O Zang, amongst others.
  • 2015/ The Jealous Curators talked about Rómulo Celdrán´s work. Directed by curator and designer Danielle Krysa, The Jealous Curator has become one of the most popular websites in the world of art and design. Rómulo Celdrán´s paintings were widely featured and recommended in one of the posts of this important publication.
  • 2015/ Rómulo Celdrán´s work in VISION magazine. Some of his paintings and sculptures were featured in a comprehensive 16 page report in the issue #18 of this publication. VISION is a digital bimonthly magazine that defines itself as a meeting point for all Spanish- speaking visual artists.
  • 2015/ Rómulo Celdrán at SCOPE Basel 2015 . Rómulo Celdrán participated in SCOPE Basel 2015. His works were shown at the stand of the Zurich based gallery, Arthobler. SCOPE is one of the leading meeting points in the international art agenda and this year it was opened to the public from the 16th until the 21st of June.NEO2





  • 2014/ Rómulo Celdrán at the exhibition Schwerelos and Kunst Zürich. Some of his drawings were part of the group show Schewerelos, on display from October 23rd to November 29th at the Zürich based gallery Arthobler.
    Rómulo Celdrán´s work was also shown in Kunst Zürich at Arthobler’s stand. This important date with contemporary art took place from October 30th to November 2nd.
  • 2014/ Rómulo Celdrán´s works arrive at the world of Fashion Design . His series of drawings Smoke serves as inspiration for the fashion firm Schipper/Arques in the creation of selected pieces of their designs for the Spring- Summer 2015 collection.
    Under the name of Elixir this collection is currently being presented in Fashion Scout, one of the leading showcases throughout Paris Fashion Week.
  • 2014/The British fashion brand COS has chosen the work of Rómulo Celdrán for its new launch campaign in the United States. Under the name of 50 Things, COS compiles 50 artworks, objects and places from the US that the brand considers specially remarkable. One of them is the clothespin, invented in Springfield (Vermont). As an artistic representation of this object COS has chosen Rómulo Celdrán´s sculpture Macro XV.
  • 2014/ Hasted Kraeutler gallery presented in a solo show in premiere in The United States the works of Rómulo Celdrán. This exhibition brought to the New York public a collection of his paintings and sculptures belonging to the Zoom and Macro series. The show was on display from January 13 until April 19.



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    Ana Borderas entrevista a Rómulo Celdrán en La Hora Extra de la Cadena SER, con motivo de su próxima exposición individual en la galería Hasted Kraeutler de Nueva York. Minuto 11:36

  • 2013/ Rómulo Celdrán shows his works at the New York based gallery Hasted Kraeutler. The exhibition Sketchy reflects on the world of drawing and its diverse languages and techniques through the gaze of various artists. Rómulo Celdrán participates with some of his most recent drawings. The exhibition can be visited at Hasted Kraeutler, between July 9th and August 16th.
  • 2013/ Rómulo Celdrán shows his works in a solo exhibition called MACRO. The Zurich based Gallery Arthobler presents a collection of drawings and sculptures from the recent years. Amongst the pieces exhibited there are works belonging to the series Macro, Zoom and Abstracting. The show can be visited until the 10th of March.
  • 2013/ Rómulo Celdrán’s sculpture Macro IX takes part in ON PAINTING, a group exhibition opened at the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (CAAM) on March 1st and that can be seen until the following 7 of July. ON PAINTING also counts with works by Ron Gorchov, Ray Smith, Manuel Ocampo, Ángela de la Cruz, Arturo Herrera, Valeska Soares, José Bedia, Hernan Bas, Kehinde Wiley, Dzine, Adriana Varejâo or Guillermo Kuitca. The exhibition includes a monograph publication with texts by Barry Schwabsky and Kevin Power.
  • 2012/ The publisher Gestalten includes Romulo Celdran’s works in HIGH TOUCH. TACTILE DESIGN AND VISUAL EXPLORATIONS, one of its most recent books. As defined by its authors, “High Touch is a powerful collection of cutting-edge tactile design. This choice selection of three-dimensional work defines a new visual language for presentation and storytelling. The handicraft and artisanship necessary for the creation of these works appeal to the interdisciplinary mindset of our time and activate more of our senses than standard two-dimensional images ever could.” The book is available in continental Europe since August 2012 and in North America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America since mid September 2012.
  • 2012/ The IV Biennial of Contemporary Art of the ONCE Foundation has selected for this edition three works by Rómulo Celdran produced between 2005 and 2007. The exhibition presents an important selection of works by artists from the international scene, amongst which are Cristina García Rodero, Miquel Barceló, Kim Joowon, Miquel Navarro and David Hockney. The show can be visited at the Centro Cultural Conde Duque in Madrid between the 20th of September and the 2nd of December.
  • 2012/ Rómulo Celdrán will be showing his works in the next edition of The Solo Project Basel. His drawings and sculptures will be on display with Arthobler Gallery, stand C3. The Solo Project will take place at the St. Jakobhalle in Basel between the 13th and the 17th of June.
  • 2012/ Rómulo Celdrán will be showing his works in the next edition of JustMad. His drawings and sculptures will be on display at the Arthobler’s Gallery stand, reference I0. JustMad 3 will be held at the Hotel Silken Puerta de América in Madrid between the 16th and the 19th of February.
  • 2011/ Rómulo Celdrán on the cover of Gazpacho magazine. This interesting magazine published by the Spanish Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires has chosen Zoom XX for the cover of its new issue.
  • 2011/ Rómulo Celdrán has been chosen by the Sovereign European Art Prize jury to participate in the exhibition where this year’s winner of the price will be announced. The show will take place in Istanbul between the 23rd and the 30th of November. A total of 30 European artists are part of the list of selected participants. Rómulo Celdrán has been nominated for this price by British curator Lauren Jones and his inclusion was decided by an international jury composed amongst others by Tim Marlow (Exhibition Director at White Cube, London) or   Philly Adams (Director of Saatchi Gallery, UK). Besides the prize given by the Jury, there is also a special prize from the public. If you wish you can see the details of this prize and vote favourably at:
  • 2011/ Contemporary Istanbul. Rómulo Celdrán will be participating in Istanbul’s contemporary art fair. Open to the public between the 24th and the 27th of November. His works can be seen at Arthobler’s Gallery stand.
  • 2011/ Rómulo Celdrán has been selected by Lorena De Corral to take part in the second edition of the “Premio Internazionale Giovane Scultura Fondazione Francesco Messina”, organized by Studio Copernico – Milan.
  • 2011/ Rómulo Celdrán in the British magazine “ It’s Nice That”
  • 2011/ Rómulo Celdrán participates in the-solo-project Basel fair, from the 15th to the 19th of June. Some of his sculptures and drawings will be shown at the Arthobler Gallery stand.
  • 2011/ Rómulo Celdrán wins the Swab 2011 prize. The prize is awarded annually by the Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair (Swab). Articles published in La Vanguardia, Canarias Ahora and La Provincia
  • 2011/ Rómulo Celdrán takes part in the Art Barter exhibition in Madrid, opening the 9th of June in C Arte C (Centro de Arte Complutense) in Madrid. Art Barter is a project of exchange between the artist and the public. The exhibition takes places within the DCode art, music and trends festival. Articles published in La Vanguardia, La Voz Libre, La Región and Arte Informado.
  • 2011/ ARCO´11. Artículos en La Opinión, Art Daily, Prensa Libre, Canarias 7 y Público.